Award (Education)

Wenhui Award Educational Innovations for Learning Recovery: The Award will be conferred on two individuals or institutions in UNESCO Member States in the Asia-Pacific region for their outstanding efforts and achievements in educational innovation focused on the specific theme of the current edition. The two winners will receive a prize of USD 20, 000. In addition to the Winners, Honorable Mentions will be granted to individuals or institutions that have demonstrated commendable innovative educational practices. The full information is available on website: UNESCO usually announces this prize in October to February each year.

Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation for Distinguished Academic Performance - World Giftedness Center: The Award’s Message is improving the quality of educational system, supporting all pre-higher education learners and the individuals and institutions entrusted with educating these learners. The Objectives of Award is: To upgrade performance, mastery and creativity in the education domain; To encourage initiatives, innovation and excellence in all literary and scientific domains; To contribute in creating modern and improved educational environment and favorable conditions that foster innovations, advancement and excellence; To honor all talented and creative categories and parties involved in the educational sector, who produce outstanding achievements and innovations. Research Global Award of Gifted Education and the School Global Award Initiative of Gifted Education, and the value of the Award is estimated at $25,000 and awarded to one recipient per year for each award. Apply click on the link: ,for further information, please contact 045013423 or send an e-mail: . This gift announce in January to March.